Your holiday in Calpe

Calpe is a beautiful town located on the Costa Blanca, famous for its sandy beaches and incredible scenery. Ever since the 1960s, when Calpe stopped being a fishing village and became a well-known tourist destination, the growth of the town has been planned according to the demands of the tourism industry. This means that nowadays we will find a town capable of providing an unforgettable holiday, but also a town that hasn't lost its charm as the years have gone by. This is due to a great effort made to preserve many of the historical sights and monuments in their original form, such as the old town, the salt marsh, the Roman baths and the Penyon, also known as the Calpe rock.

This does not mean however, that Calpe is only a sight-seeing holiday destination as there are many different ways to enjoy yourself when on holiday in Calpe. To start with there are various beaches and coves on the Calpe coastline. Most of the area is comprised of sandy beaches, but there are a few pebble beaches to be found and they are often more secluded. There are three main beaches in Calpe, and all of them have received the blue flag (an award given to beaches that have met stringent standards).

It is well known that the Mediterranean coast of Spain enjoys beautiful summers, and a yearly average of over 2500 hours of sunshine. But what makes Calpe different are the mountain ranges surrounding the territory. Their effects can be seen especially from autumn until spring, when it can be raining on most of the coast and Calpe is enjoying nice sunny weather. This gives the town an average of over 2800 hours of sunshine every year and many warm, sunny winter days.

These mountains don't only give Calpe better weather, they also help to enhance the already spectacular scenery and offer many routes for hikers and cyclists. It is here in villages, restaurants and wineries where you can really see what Spain was like many years ago, with its customs, traditions and landscape still untouched.

Back to the coast, Calpe is also famous for its marine beauty, especially in the area surrounding the Penyon. This means that it is easy to find diving excursions and boat trips in the area. There are also daily catamaran excursions to nearby islands and coves. And while you're in the port area, you may as well enjoy a meal in one of the restaurants that serve fresh fish caught that same day.

Maybe you're looking for an adventure near the coast: that's not a problem! There are quad, jeep and buggy excursions, some of which take you up into the mountains for a glimpse of inland Spain. You can rent kayaks and visit some of the hard-to-get-to areas, or join one of the many daily groups for a trip around the coast on a jet-ski. There is also the chance of renting a scooter or bicycle, the latter now enjoying an ever growing bike track.

How about brushing up on your Spanish whilst enjoying an evening on the beach? There are weekly screenings of famous movies in Spanish, and for free!

Looking to get in shape or even just stay in shape during your holiday? Why not get down to the arenal-bol beach where you can find free aerobic lessons 3 times a week.

When it comes to bars and restaurants, you won't find many places like Calpe. Spain is well known for its famous tapas. Don't be confused, this does not mean going to a bar and ordering a traditional dish. That can be done, but there is a cheaper way to enjoy a nice snack. Many bars in town will include a portion of food that can be anything from fish or meat to cheese or vegetables when you buy a drink. This is a great way to try some Spanish dishes that you may otherwise not be inclined to order. But not all bars in Calpe are tapas bars. There are some local Spanish bars, English pubs, Irish pubs, German bars and many other themed bars.

If it's restaurants you're looking for, then you've come to the right place. Many restaurants in town will serve a local dish called paella, which is a lovely rice dish that can be served with fish, meat or both together. There is also a well known Italian area in town where you can find homemade pasta and pizzas. There are restaurants from many different countries and areas: French, Chinese, Indian, Nepalese, Vietnamese, Swiss, German, Romanian, Bulgarian, Argentinian, Brasilian, Belgian, Dutch, American and many, many more. It's no surprise that people come from all around the province just to enjoy a meal in Calpe.

There are many local fiestas and you will be warmly welcomed to join in the celebrations. One of particular note, is the Moors and Christians Fiesta in October. You can't fail to be impressed by the parades, fireworks and atmosphere here in Calpe.

Just because you're staying in Calpe, doesn't mean you can't go for a drive and see what's going on elsewhere. Any town in the Costa Blanca is less than 90 minutes drive from the centre of Calpe, and that means there's not far to go for some great sightseeing.

Anything from the Medieval Castle of Denia, to the beautifully kept old town of Altea, the wine cellars in the Jalon valley, to the skyscrapers of Benidorm. There is always something to see or do. Not to mention the theme parks, water parks, zoos, safaris, natural waterfalls and more. Even if you don't plan on renting a car, there are many bus excursions to other towns and cities.

If you are thinking about coming to Calpe on holiday, why not stay in one of our villas with private pools? There are many advantages when staying at a villa:

- First and foremost is the privacy. The villa you stay in is your home for the duration of your holiday. Each villa has a wall that separates the plot of land from that of the neighbours. This means that you won't be sharing your house with anyone else.

- All of our villas have a private swimming pool. Because of this, the only people that will be splashing you are the same people you chose to come on holiday with.

- Tranquillity! All the villas are at least 500 metres from town. Enjoy a quiet, peaceful holiday.

- You can make use of a garden and barbeque area. This makes for some great times by pool, getting ready for a freshly cooked meal.

Come to Calpe and find out for yourselves, you won't regret it!

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